Houston rapper Scarface has COVID-19

Houston rapper Scarface of the group Geto Boys has tested positive for the coronavirus

Scarface went into detail about his symptoms and diagnosis during an interview with fellow Geto Boys group member Willie D. Scarface described this experience as, "It's the craziest sh** I've ever done and seen in my life," Scarface said. "This whole three weeks has been an ordeal." he continued.

Scarface stated during the interview that he has asthma and has suffered health issues in the past. "I've was in and out of the hospital for three weeks. It began during a weekend with an itch in my throat. A few days later, I had a 103-degree fever. It’s been to the point where I’d be laying down and I couldn’t get comfortable because it was like an elephant sitting on my chest, bro. I could not breathe, I couldn’t sit up,” he said. 

Scarface stated that this made him go to the emergency room. "I get in there, I'm freezing to death. They stick needles in my arm and start running me IVs with antibiotics through my veins. I couldn't take it. Three or four bags a day."

After several days of being in the hospital, Scarface states that he started to recover and the hospital released him however little did he know that things would take a turn for the worse. 

After about a week out of the hospital, he started to feel worse so he went back to the hospital only for the to tell him he now had pneumonia in both of his lungs. His condition seemed to not improve with even worse news. "Three or four days later my kidneys failed. Three or four days after that they tell me I can't move, I'm quarantined." I've been to the point where I just felt like I was going to die." said Scarface

Now, Scarface has to wait until after his quarantine and he has recovered from the virus to see what's going on with his kidneys. "Let me save your life, man: Don't play no games with it." Scarface is telling people to stay at home. "I stayed out the way and still got sick. I haven’t been nowhere. I’ve been in my house. I ain’t been on no planes, I ain’t been in no restaurants… People out there thinking this shit is a game? You don’t want to play with this.” he warned.

"I'm just glad to be alive, I’m thinking I may be on the back end of it, because I’ve probably had it for so long. Scarface said.

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