Say Her Name: Breonna Taylor

The fatal police shooting of 26-year-old ER technician Breonna Taylor sparked days of protests in downtown Louisville drew thousands but it wouldn't compare to the millions that have marched and protested all over the world in her honor.

Her shooting add to the multiple investigations due to the unlawful death of several black people in less than 3 months.

Police were executing a search warrant (No knock) at Taylor's Louisville apartment as part of a narcotics investigation just before 1 a.m. on March 13. Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, stated that the officers did not announce themselves as they entered the home and in self defense the LTC permit holder fired a single shot, striking an officer. Walker was arrested on the scene for shooting a police officer.

Officers that enter Taylor's home fired more than 20 shots striking Taylor at least eight times with no reason to shoot. She died in the hallway of her apartment and no justice has been served for the wrongful death of Taylor.

Apparently Taylor's home was being watched as being a place to house drugs and money due to her relation with a known drug dealer who was being targeted. However, there was no stakeout before the invasion that proved the suspect in question was at the home.

Taylor's life was ended based on a assumption and knowing a criminal. In the black community the majority of us know a criminal, does that mean that we are also guilty of a crime?

Walker has since then been released as community leaders, celebs and activists pushed for his release and his right to fire in self defense.

Activists, community leaders and state and federal lawmakers have all called for independent investigations into Taylor's death, protest have been organized in cities all across the world calling for justice, chanting "Say her name, Breonna Taylor."

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