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Black Writers Weekend Goes Digital!

Black Writers’ Weekend Is Virtual This Year

Celebrating Black Voices Cannot Be Quarantined

August 27, 2020, through August 29, 2020, Black Writers’ Weekend will commence. For the first time in its history, the annual event which is powered by AAMBC Inc. will be held virtually. Due to the unprecedented global health crisis of Covid-19, we place the health and safety of attendees, artists, staff, vendors, and partners first. Bringing together literary legends and aspiring creatives, this year’s celebration and the educational forum will be the biggest one yet., LITERALLY! We project to reach an estimated 200K viewer during the three-day virtual event.

Black Writers’ Weekend’s goal has always been to amplify the voices of black creatives in the literary and film world. With Masterclasses taught by legends like Zane & Bernice McFadden to panels that allow creatives to have their book published to Amazon KDP’s sponsored seminars, attendees are guaranteed to leave more knowledgeable than ever.

“Black voices have often been overlooked in this {literary} industry. AAMBC Inc and Black Writers’ Weekend gives us a platform to feel celebrated, network, and be heard.” – Phoenix Williams. Award-nominated, bestselling author.

Recently our founder was featured in AJC to talk about the foundation of the festival and how it plans to move forward.

In 2016, the AAMBC Awards honored bestselling author Mary Monroe with the Maya Angelou Lifetime Achievement Award. For more than 30 years, Monroe has traveled the nation for book events and conferences. However, Monroe says nothing compares to Newhouse’s festival in Atlanta, where the community is like family, she said.

“She’s such a visionary when it comes to literature for African American authors, because we don’t get the exposure that most of the other authors get, meaning the white authors, and only a few of the black authors get the type of exposure that Tamika is giving to us these days,” Monroe said.

The brainchild of Tamika Newhouse, Black Writers’ Weekend has been the premier literary event for African-American creatives for the last decade. Sponsored by cultural giants like OWN, Bravo, Amazon, TV One, Coca-Cola, and BMW, Black Writers’ Weekend has entered the mainstream in a way that no other African-American literary event has. Learn more at www.blackwritersweekend.com and get your virtual tickets today.

Our Recent Posts