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How to Continue with Business According to the National Restaurant Association.


What should your business do to prepare for a pandemic?

1. Maintain a healthy work environment.

2. BE INFORMED about government & industry pandemic preparedness.

3. COMMUNICATE OPENLY & PROACTIVELY with your employees.

4. Develop (or engage your current) pandemic PLANNING TASK FORCE and review this checklist.

5. Identify your company's Essential Functions and the necessary employees to perform them.

6. Determine what outside activities are vital to your business & EVALUATE WHAT YOUR BUSINESS CAN DO to maintain normal business.

7. Build in TRAINING REDUNDANCY to prepare for inevitable absenteeism.

8. Establish & maintain an open dialogue with the communities where you operate.

9. Consider ways to minimize loss of revenue during times of "social distancing."

10. Try to allow employees to work remotely when possible.

Our Recent Posts